Paper Dolls Foundation

A 501c3 foundation for socially disadvantaged girls. 27-0602037

BAKE SALE  -  We Raised over $250 to go towards the back to school needs of 43 girls!

Thomas Cleaners allowed us to host the Bake Sale at their Northport location and we managed to raise over $250 to go towards the purchases of back to school clothing, supplies and sanitary products for 43 active grade level girls.  We are so proud of our community and the wonderful support that they showed us at this Bake Sale.  Thanks to Nikki Pritchett for hosting the event and thanks to the Paper Doll volunteer girls who came out to support.  We love helping girls who WANT to help themselves and these girls are the BOMB!  Thanks.  Make sure you check out our Bake Sale in the Gallery!

UPDATE (08-02-12):

Thanks to our wonderful partners at DHR, we now have 47 girls to assist for back to school. 


TAX ID:  27-0602037


Paper Dolls, the foundation for socially disadvantaged girls helps girls who have seen and/or experienced everything from alcoholism, hate crimes, drug abuse, terminal/rare illnesses, child abuse, teen pregnancy and sexual promiscuity. Each problem is addressed by individual counseling throughout the program. In addition to learning about the 6 steps of self promotion (self-respect, self-esteem, self-discipline, self-control, self-confidence and self-motivation) each girl will leave the program with the inspiration to effectively meet the challenges of her unique social situation "from one day to everyday".


Donating to the Paper Dolls Foundation helps program participants SEE MORE, DO MORE, KNOW MORE so they can in the future, BE MORE!

By Mail:  Make checks, money orders payable to, M. A. Russell, mail to:  19 41st Street East, Tuscaloosa, AL  35405

92% of your donations of $10 or more goes directly into the program.  (Program 92%, Fundraising 7%, Staff 1%)